Team of highly experienced specialists: psychologist,  Ob/Gyn, physical therapist, Su Jok therapist, hyrudotherapist provide outstanding care  for women from adolescence to well beyond retirement. Our goal is to ensure that every women has ready access to personally and culturally-sesitive one-on –one care and the information and support they need to make educated choices about their lives.
Intervention may include but are not limited to:

  • Support
  • Counceling  to help patients and family members
  • Guidance and therapeutic management for couples  and family members

Rehabilitation  services include

  • Rehabilitation of Infertile couples
  • Perinatal bereavement program for women and families experiencing any kind of fetal loss
  • Rehabilitation after gynecologic surgery
  • Rehabilitation after complicated delivery
  • Rehabilitation for mid life women in the peri- and post-menopause


Treatment and rehabilitation of vaginal prolapses

Treatment of vaginal prolapses is performed with active or passive physical trainings by specialist. 

  1.  Active methods include exercising with Kegel method, using vaginal cones and other vaginal simulators.
  2.  The passive method is the electrostimulation of the pelvic muscles.